Monday, 25 February 2008

LE Jordan XXIII Launch and Exhibition

Limited Edition (LE) held the much anticipated launch of the Jordan XXIII at their Queensway store on...when else, but 23 February. The whole LE store was cleaned out and transformed into a Jordan haven for the night. Jordan wallpaper lined walls and display cases contained a full timeline of Jordan releases along with some highly coveted gems that even the big man would salivate over.

The evening's festivities kicked off with a ballot and lucky draw as well as free Jordan posters being handed out to the crowd. The launch was limited to only Jordan Club members but we managed to sneak our arses in when the doorman wasn't looking! Once everyone was inside, a special video package of all the Jordan commercials made to date was screened for all the fanatics who showed up. After the video was over they dished out some prizes for the lucky draw and the baying crowd finally got round to ringing up the cash register with some XXIIIs.

Much love to Nike, the LE crew and Mandeep for such a brilliant showcase and launch event.

Look at all those baby Jordans!

...and the kid that owns them all!

New Balance head honcho shows support for Geseho!

Choo Ee likes his sandwich with brown bread...

Suraj (know it nothing), Shaun (Hypethetic) and Choo Ee (Streething)

Arthur and Patrick of NB in sneaker blasphemy.

Last but not least Choo Ee with LE chief Mandeep

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