Tuesday, 4 March 2008

New Balance X Limited Edition store NB577 launch

As usual Sole Obsession tries to bring coverage of every sneaker event here on our small island.

Loads of sneaker porn-love to LE and NB for the launch of Singapore's very first collab shoe...who would have guessed it would've been a New Balance sneaker busting out from all the other brands to grab hold and stake claim to the title of being the first LE collab shoe. Only shows NB is stepping it's game up in the right direction....nice one lads!

On to the photos...

Choo Ee (Streething) and Wilfred (Adidas)

The Man who made all this possible...King Arthur (NB)

Arthur (NB) and Mandeep (LE)

Leftfoot head honchos with Streething and Patrick (NB)

Wilfred (Adidas) and Tony (Lazy)

Patrick (NB) giving some fool a Made in England headlock

King Arthur with his little princess

Aaahhh bless!!!

Cheers to all that made this launch happen!

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