Saturday, 8 March 2008

New Balance 576 20th Anniversary @ Leftfoot

Friday, 7 March 2008
Leftfoot Anthropology store, Holland Village, Singapore

New Balance with an impressive setup to celebrate the launch of the 576 20th Anniversary campaign in Singapore. The first hour was a media only preview, but we managed to sneak our S.O's in to snap some photos before the hordes descended upon the latest installment of local sneaker chain store Leftfoot.

The entire store was transformed into a New Balance haven, with an epic room that should contain a health warning label at the entrance. One could suffer a from dehydration due to loss of fluid via drooling at the amazing selection of rarer-than-your-grandad's-porn-stash display of NB sneakers. A revolving exhibit of past, present and future models of the 576 gave us a glimpse of what our great-grandchildren could be wearing (shudder).

A vast NB exhibition of close to 200 pairs of kicks, pumping music from DJ Ume (Tokyo), booze and finger food that flowed like our bladders after too many beers, and a live installation by renowned graf artist Jahan, made this a benchmark event for all to follow.

Huge shout out to New Balance Singapore (King Arthur and Prince Patrick), Anthony and Kevin, all of the Leftfoot crew, DJ Ume, Jahan, and all who showed up to show love and support.

Accompanying artwork by SBTG and Meth for their collaborative effort on the Leftfoot 'Heaven and Hell' 576. This graphic will be incorporated somewhere as part of the whole packaging...stay tuned!

The vege-tan premium as a $5000/hour escort 576. Made in England goodness with all the bells and whistles you could want. Smells as good as it feels, trust us, we sniffed. Don't forget, free re-soles after 5 years of wearage!

Top left: Patrick (NB) and Tetsuya (, Top right: Installtion by Jahan
Bottom left: Flowers bestowed by well-wishers, Bottom right: Streething's photo-maniac

Top right: Mr and Mrs SBTG, Top left: Who needs DJ Ume?
Bottom left: The Random Rambler caught!, Bottom right: Ben Yeo and Patrick

Bottom pics: Anthony (Leftfoot) kneels in honour of the King! King Arthur rightfully claims his throne.

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